Why buy handmade toddler and baby clothes?

Why buy handmade toddler and baby clothes?

In times gone by, most babies and toddlers were dressed in handmade clothes, loving made by family members. By contrast today, most of us buy mass produced clothing originating from overseas. Although this is convenient and inexpensive, it does not feel very special for that special little person in your life and it does mean that you are limited to the choice provided by mainstream brands.

Is this a problem? It depends on your own feelings. Buying baby clothes which are mass produced is inexpensive and the clothes often look OK, but you don’t get the great quality and finish of handmade clothes which are designed with your own baby or toddler in mind.

Summerley Gifts is a small but growing British company based in Somerset which specialises in making handmade toddler and baby clothes in the UK. We are passionate about design and quality, so have produced a fantastic range of clothing that can be personalised for your baby and will suit all occasions. Even better our clothing range is affordable and inexpensive to the customer.

The Summerley Gifts range of babywear and toddler clothes

Our range includes dresses, robust playwear, tee shirts, romper suits, shorts, tee shirts, sweat shirts and much much more. Choose from a range of brightly coloured prints and fabrics often featuring dinosaurs, fruit and colourful patterns. We also use monochrome fabrics which are perfect for boys and for girls. We are always adding to our range, bringing out new designs.

As an added benefit we can add your child’s name to the clothes if so wished making it even more personal.

Whether you are looking to buy a gift for a new baby or toddler or you are buying clothes for your own family, Summerley Gifts are the perfect choice.

Buying handmade baby and toddler clothes in the UK is ethically sound.

When you buy from Summerley you know that your clothes haven’t been shipped across the world – adding to global pollution. We make all our clothes ourselves and send them direct to your home from our studio in Somerset. This means that as well as cutting out air miles, you can be confident that each item of clothing you buy is perfectly made by hand and fully conforms to ethical standards of manufacture.

For the customer, the end result is vastly superior to mass produced clothing.

All Summerley baby and toddler clothes are made to an extremely high level of skill and expertise. Seams and button holes are strong and well finished. We use jersey stretch cotton and polyester blends to ensure that all our clothes are extremely comfortable as well as being hardwearing and washable without losing shape or colour. We are developing our packaging to ensure that it is eco friendly.

Leaving ethical concerns aside, our many customers buy from us simply because they love the designs and the great quality of our baby and toddler clothes.

So whether you are searching for the perfect gift for a new baby or toddler or you want the best for your own child, get in touch on our website and let us help you make a positive difference.

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